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Hi, my name is Keishu. We empathically teach you Japanese.

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JUST FOR YOU - we tailor to fit your Japanese language needs


we conduct our tuition anywhere in Singapore, around the clock

Reason #1

For private tuition, you can pay us after class. So, if you do not like to continue you can just stop it anytime.

Reason #2

Our tuition methods for Basic course is more like straightforward. For example, Noun Sentence which is used Nouns for Subject and for Predicate, you will learn the structure first, then read and understand example sentences, then make your own sentences.

  Structure N1 wa N2 desu. (N1 is N2) N1 and N2 stands for Noun.


わたしはケイシューです。   I am Keishu.
watashi wa Keishu desu.

わたしはシンガポールじんです。   I am a Singaporean.
watashi wa Shingapo-ru jin desu.

Reason #3

Textbook is designed by Keishu. He has taught Japanese at several Japanese schools and they use commercially available textbook and some use their owns. He has found pros and cons. Our textbook is made to minimuze the pros and cons that Keishu thought.

Reason #4

In conversational Japanese, there are Polite form and Plain form. Most textbook covers only Polite form but ours do both. Also our textbook has alphabets. So even if you are interested in conversational Japanese only, you can study with it.

Private Tuition Fee

1) Private Tuition Fee is $40 per hour, minimum 1.5 hours.
2) In case it takes more than 10 minutes walk from MRT station, plus $10 per lesson required.
3) If the tuition is conducted during 11pm and 7am, additional charge is required.

REMARKS: Private tuition for Primary school age children is 1 hour and the fee is $50 per hour.

JLPT N1 course is available for private tuition only.


We go anywhere in Singapore.
We currently conduct our tuition at the following places.

  • Starbucks, Coffeebean and Tealeafs, etc.
  • Han's
  • Hanis at National Library
  • Public area in Comdo
  • Meeting room in the office
Note: we buy our drink by ourself and you buy yours.